little girl ’81

Little girl, what ya gonna be… when you grow up

Little girl, will ya still love me… when we grow up

Spent the tender years, wrapped in your arms, your loving arms

All the years, fears and tears, in your arms, your brutal arms

I’ve got you, you’ve got me, tell me what we’re gonna be

Streets are filled with empty love, intensified insanity 

Memories, miseries, another day

Ecstacies, enimies, night and day

Little girl, hometown blues, I’ll leave you before I die

Little girl, I love you, tho you live a lie

Little girl, Little lady, Angel. Angel, Angel… Liar!

Angel of darkness, do you have a soul

Angel of darkness do you have a soul

Laughing, Loving, Living, your streets are calling me

Crying, Raping, Dying, your blood is drownding me

The words, they’re all screams

The clouds, they’re all green

Live to please your dying day

Maybe you’d better learn to pray

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