I climb and I climb

A circle of time

I can’t take it anymore

I can’t fake it anymore

Everybody wants what’s mine

I don’t believe in forever… anymore

Sunday morning finds me dazed

Looking for a place to stay

Stubborn sidewalks, my breath in the air

Pondering my death, and should I even care?

I’m so tired of drinking with my “friends”

So tired of nights with forgotten ends

So tired of living on the edge

So tired of dancing on the ledge

I don’t believe in forever… anymore

Spent all my money on a new girlfriend

Another chance, nothing else is new

Another beginning that will soon come to an end

Another dance with a stranger like you

Another chance, and nothing else will do

Nothing else is new

I don’t believe in forever… anymore

I’m in an alley off of dream street

A bra and a broken bottle at my feet

I’m bleeding, it’s a dirty story

About drinking, lust and glory

The dawn is bruised

Where night fell down on it

I’m confused, contused

And the glory’s all counterfeit

I don’t believe in forever anymore, anymore


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