Philosophically Obscene

Why can’t I find anyone alive

who sees the way I do?

Some see w/ the eye

while others see through

Misery is an angel w/ face that’s Blue

Crippled wings used in painful flight

& a home in Heaven’s nite

Waken’d by the lion’s roar

Soothed by the lamb’s loneliness

Been on this wild shore


It’s something more than holiness

& no one to read what you write

Born in Heaven’s nite

did you come to save me?

Can I touch you before I free my grave?

I’ll try to be a servant

but I cannot be a slave

Doing what you want to

comes w/ being free

Doing what you have to

is reality

Questions & loneliness

cannot be solved w/ drink

Rebel of Holiness

I’ve read your Word

but still don’t know what to think

Admittedly I’m lost, confused

blind, hungry & meagerly abused

At least in human light

Some find delight

Some are not amused

At this Exile in Heaven’s nite

And me?

I’m torn between

Those two extremes


Philosophically Obscene

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