Rant #1

In view of the fact that God limited the intelligence of man, it seems unfair that He did not also limit his stupidity.

Konrad Adenauer

WTF! I’ve been pretty much housebound since surgery a few weeks ago (knee replacement)… I’m not driving yet, so I’m limited to going out to Drs appointments and occasional trips to the supermarket and the pharmacy within, when I have a ride. Somehow, between every venture I fool myself into believing that we live in a “normal” world. What the fuck is wrong with me? Of perhaps more importance to “we” is what the fuck is wrong with people? Remember when it was “we”? When what was important was what was best for all? Now I keep forgetting that where you’re going is more important than wherever I may be going, be it the ER, the supermarket, a convenience store, or your sister’s house (guess she can wait). There’s no need to bend over and kiss my ass, I sure ain’t gonna do it for you, but is civility and a little respect too much to ask? Guess so. I know I’m not even close to perfect, and if I’m determined, there’s no way you’re going to out “Asshole” me, but I can at least be polite to and grateful for the persons with service jobs doing what I can’t or won’t do for myself. Ok, maybe you’ve been to the vet today and you have to put drops in Fido’s eyes a few times a day. But maybe the person that you’re treating like “the help” lost their favorite aunt yesterday and, if they’re lucky, they can get a day off for the funeral. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU! Except maybe when you drive past 3 signs that say “RIGHT LANE IS FOR TURNING ONLY” and it’s ok to make the people behind you that are turning right wait for you to venture through the traffic into the lane your dumb ass is s’posed to be in. I assume those people are going somewhere, but that brings us back to the fact that your destination is quite obviously priority to the utmost squared. Ever been in a checkout line and the person or two in front of you seemingly forgot that payment is expected and has to fumble around, perhaps get out an abacus to figure out which card has enough on it or if they have enough cash? Hey, sometimes that person is me (probably on the day I have to pick up drops for Fido’s eyes) but I at least turn around and apologize profusely. And are you the person that goes around the line of traffic to the front of the exit line to take your proper place in front of all of us lunkheads taking our place and waiting our turn? Do you have any idea how many times I’ve decided not to run your “too smart and important” ass off the road to have a little chat about how you are no better than others until you can stop bullets and not bleed? Or how many times your Mercedes, BMW. Lexus, etc is lucky to make it home without a dent shaped like my buggy, after racing to the red light without the desired outcome? I would continue, but perhaps it’s better to leave some for next time. Take peace that you can relax a bit, at least until I get back to driving on Your roads

Have a far out and groovy day… Grrrrr

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