Dead Soul Brother


What was your last living thought?

You went so peacefully, quietly

the way it should be done

but not at 28

It’s so very hard to think of you

as Not

So different, you and I

We were a gentle riot

you and me

You were such

a gentle giant

Always had a minute for fun

you’ll always be Great to me

Don’t think I’ll ever see you smile


So if you get restless

Come see me once in a while

my friend

I miss you more, as the daze go by

Almost been here or there before

I’m still mad at you

& it’s still sad

I couldn’t cry as you walked out that final door

but I love you, Brother

& you’ll never be just another

Another dead friend


Like a midnight mystery lover

w/ the drug things we had to do


we understood each other

My errant almost twin

Soul Brother

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