A Moment from Midnight

A moment of midnight

“Hey, look guys!”…

the pain comes shining through

Sanity fades from sight

& no one knows why I’m blue?

No, no one knows

What makes me blue

Sitting alone in the dark

thinking about what I had

until the theory went bad



a window

Into the night

Impulsive, this always hungry shark

No sense of Wrong or Right

& can you tell me the difference?

It’s not black or grey or white,

dawn midnight twilight

Only shades of blue,

shades of blue

No one knows just what we had

something went bad

‘cuz now you’re sad for

or mad at me

A chain of pain

I try to forge a key

I’ll try to be content

like a cat sleeping in the sun

I’ll try to be charming

I’ll try to be fun

the future can be alarming

a moment from midnight

what’s done is done

Moments in midnight

tell me about Wrong and Right

impulsive always hunting shark

swimming alone in the dark

a moment from midnight

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