Poison water, poison air

poison thought and poison lives

Seems we’ve forgotten

that we’re members of a common hive

Some preach about God

then make the reach

that they’re the chosen ones

living privileged lives

Unwinding logic with arrogance

skipping out on penitence

while pissing in the wishing well

claiming the rest of us

have a one way ticket to hell

on a speeding burning bus

as they put ‘”Love thy brother as thy self”

and “Judge not lest ye be judged”

somewhere on a darkened shelf

meanwhile I’m sitting in the sun

on a near perfect autumn day

proposing that the “Right Way”

Is what’s best for ALL of us

know very well I ain’t

no saint

or claiming some “new” land

like the “esteemed” Columbus

or a pilgrim laying out a feast

on some altruistic table

inviting friends at least

instead I can’t help feeling

humanity was a good idea

right up to Cain and Abel

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